Organize a Screening

Friends and farmers and fans!

Thank you for your interest in bringing an independent documentary about queer farmers to your community. We can’t go everywhere, but we can do our best to try to get to your town. We have toured the country over the past few years and have visited both coasts and places in the middle and still we know Out Here should be screened in more places we haven’t been able to travel to!

If you would like to have a screening, please write to us with your location, venue, and proposed event date.  You can purchase a copy of the film directly from project Director Jonah Mossberg. We like to support venues that are somehow aligned with the homespun, D.I.Y., independent, social justice focused, queer nature of the project. Generally, the best viewing quality for tends to be in venues that are already set up for movie screenings, but this isn’t a requirement. We generally ask for a small donation to our project and will do our best to consider the options your community has to offer and work with you to make a screening happen that is best suited to your community.

If there is interest, we can assist in organizing a panel of local queer farmers to respond to the film and talk about their queer farming experiences, which can be facilitated by the director or someone from the local community. Screenings are always exciting when they are in tandem with a potluck or meal of some kind or other event like a farm work day. We like these kinds of events a lot!

For colleges, universities and other institutions, you may purchase a copy of the film for the institutional rate of $375 which also includes the rights to a one-time screening of the film. Director Jonah Mossberg is currently located in the Northeast U.S. and is available to travel throughout the region and beyond to host post-screening Q+A’s and workshops and will collect a sliding scale honorarium that can be negotiated.