Who We Are


Jonah Mossberg

Jonah Mossberg is a queer farmer from Northeastern Connecticut. For the past decade, Jonah has been involved in farming in many capacities, including managing Noyo Hill Farm in rural coastal Northern California and teaching gardening to public middle school students at Alice Waters’ revolutionary Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, California. Jonah is a proud seed saver, forager, beekeeper, fermentation enthusiast, and aspiring surfer. Jonah currently resides in Southern Vermont where he manages a youth educational farm. Out Here is Jonah’s first film project.


Zibby Jahns

Zibby Jahns is a collaborative multimedia theater artist who works in all elements of production: playwriting, costume-making and design, set-building and design, performing (acting, music-making and synchronized movement), puppet-building and puppeteering. She also works in video and film, on both non-narrative video art, documentary film, and documentary photography. She is committed to community-oriented, DIY, collaborative art projects that involve both artists and the curious. Zibby Jahns has most recently worked with Crunchtown Players and Black Forest Fancies in New Orleans, LA, where she lives. This past year Zibby had a residency with the Dream Community in Taiwan, where she worked with students to create a large-scale parade. She holds a B.A. in American Studies and Film Studies from Smith College, and completed Tisch at NYU’s Sight and Sound film program.


Mev Luna

Mev Luna is an interdisciplinary artist with a BFA from California College of the Arts in Textiles & Film. Luna uses chroma-key to weave textiles into media, creating static video vignettes that refer to self-portraiture and become dynamic paintings in time and space. Their works have been exhibited at Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco, The Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston, Tx and The Margulies Collection Warehouse in Miami, FL.